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Specialty Wheel Alignments

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At Tyrepower Booragoon, we know that every millisecond counts on the racetrack.

We understand the challenges involved in finding a tyre store that is happy to go above and beyond with specialised wheel alignment services tailored for motorsport applications. Tyrepower Booragoon ensures your vehicle not only performs at its best but also provides you with the competitive edge needed for lower lap times.

Whether you’re racing professionally or simply passionate about achieving optimal handling on your street car, our expert team is equipped to fine-tune your vehicle to perfection.

Why Choose Booragoon Tyrepower for Your Wheel Alignment?

1. Beyond Standard Specifications

Any tyre store can perform wheel alignment services based on factory specifications, Booragoon Tyrepower recognises that motorsport and performance vehicles require a different approach. Standard alignments do not consider the unique needs of a performance vehicle, such as modifications and aftermarket upgrades.

2. Custom Tailored to Your Preferences

Understanding that no two vehicles or drivers are the same, we offer custom alignment services. This means alignments can be personalised to your specific vehicle’s characteristics and your driving preferences.

Whether it’s adjusting for better cornering agility or stable straight-line speed, our alignments enhance your vehicle’s handling to match your driving style.

3. Advanced Technology and Expertise

Our technicians are not just alignment experts; they are motorsport enthusiasts who bring a wealth of knowledge and precision to their craft. Using state-of-the-art alignment technology, we ensure precise adjustments that cater to both competitive racing and enhanced everyday driving performance.

Our Commitment to Motorsport and Performance Vehicles

At Tyrepower Booragoon, we welcome all types of vehicles, including those that are not street legal. Our facility is conveniently located to accommodate car trailers and transporter trucks for off-street loading and unloading, making it easy for you to bring in your performance vehicle without any hassle. If it fits on our alignment rack, we’ll take a swing at it.

Learn More With Booragoon Tyrepower

We believe in not only providing a service but also educating our customers about the benefits of a proper wheel alignment. A well-aligned vehicle doesn’t just perform better; it also can also save on tyre wear, improves fuel efficiency, and offers a safer, more pre driving experience. Our team is here to discuss how different alignment setups can impact your vehicle’s dynamics and help you make informed decisions about your vehicle’s performance needs.

Ready to Unlock Your Vehicle's Full Potential?

Don’t settle for less when it comes to optimizing your vehicle’s performance. Contact Tyrepower Booragoon today at (08) 9330 2155 to discuss your specific needs and schedule a time to bring in your vehicle. Whether you are chasing trophies or simply want more confidence in your vehicle's handling on the street, we are your go-to local experts in performance wheel alignments.

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