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Embracing the Future: EV Tyres at Tyrepower Booragoon

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Ask any tyre shop, a standard tyre balancing service is absolutely critical for avoiding premature and uneven tyre wear, but only Tyrepower Booragoon takes this a step further by investing in equipment that goes above and beyond a standard balancing service by offering Road Force Balancing.

There’s nothing wrong with a standard balancing service performed at other tyre stores. In fact, traditional balancing machines have been in service for decades with great results, but there are modern techniques, enhanced technology and more precision to be had by using the latest equipment.

For the discerning driver in Myaree, looking for a top-quality tyre shop with great attention to detail, you need to call Tyrepower Booragoon today.

Complete wheel balancing with advanced equipment.

Using our top-of-the-line Road Force Balancer not only takes into account the static imbalance of your tyres and wheels, providing the same service as other balancing equipment, but also factors in the stiffness of the tyre sidewalls and how the interlinking tyre layers can also cause perceived vibrations.

Tyrepower Booragoon find this extra functionality especially handy on modern tyres and vehicles, where owners are more sensitive to noise, harshness and vibration concerns.

Road Force Balancing relies on using an external roller to measure the sidewall strength and flexibility, ensuring that any added balancing weights not only counteract static imbalances, but also the manufacturing tolerances in both your wheels and tyres.

Our wheel balancing equipment has laser measurement technology to check for lateral runout, providing a third dimension to your balancing process!

Our Hunter Road Force Balancing provides pin-point accuracy, allowing weights to be placed within 0.35 degrees of accuracy for a perfect, vibration-free drive every time.

Book your vehicle into Tyrepower Booragoon today.

Tyrepower Booragoon are more than just another tyre store, we’re technology enthusiasts who love cars. Our involvement in motorsport and the exacting specifications demanded by the top tiers of vehicles mean that we bring our A-game to every car, whether you drive a Corolla or a Ferrari.

Book your vehicle in and ask for a Road Force Balance today! We can help you out with any of your balancing questions next time you require a wheel alignment or need new tyres fitted.

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For more information about Road Force Wheel Balancing Service at Tyrepower Booragoon, call us directly on (08) 9330 2155 or use the form to send us a message.

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